Asalam O Alikum:

I was born in 1970 in a Muslim family. My father is a Spiritual man. When i get into my senses I saw him day & night on his prayers mat. People often used to visit him to discuss about their problems or difficulties & he helped them as per knowledge. Some scholars visited our homes and organize a knowledgeable conferences. With all of these my father usually sit with Syed’s ulmah. By this I got education of both sharyat and tharyat.

I started to get education of Astrology In 2000 & the knowledge which i get from my father help me lot by this knowledge I sort-out the problems of the people. During all of these I also getting a knowledge of Spirituality.

  • In 2005 my First Article based on Spirituality was published from Karachi. In this year my various Articles also published in many magazines from Lahore.
  • In 2006 my Article was published in the Pakistan famous & reliable Imamia Jantari.
  • In 2008 I started to wrote a annual Zaichay in Imamia Jantari which i’m writing regularly now a days.

During this period i wrote the annual Zaichay in the Nazami Jantari which was published from India and in the Islamic Jantari which was in English published from America and also in different magazines my Articles was published on Astrology, Spirituality and on Duas.

From 2008 to still Alhamdulillah Thousands or Hundred of Thousands people have been take help from my knowledge.

Today by the God Grace I become famous in the latitude or longitude of the World.

In 2015 I start help the people through the channel on the application of the Chairman”Agha Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi” of Such TV which is also running now a days.

For more help I also start using the different ways of social medias for convenience of people.